We are a denomiNATION made up of Jews of all different types and stripes and this is something to be celebrated.

The Jewish people are not a monolith - we don’t all look the same or believe in the same things. Young JW3 presents an online series exploring some of the people and stories behind the denominations and communities that make up the tapestry of the UK Jewish community today.

Each week we will hear from an emerging Jewish leader and learn about their denomination and community, what matters to them and what they love about the Jewish faith.

Avi Garson

Avi Garson was born in London but brought up in Gibraltar. After High School he attended Yeshivot in Gateshead and Jerusalem for three years. He then moved to London where he completed a degree in Politics at City University and just finished his masters in Security Studies at UCL. He now works in public affairs and strategic communications in a London-based consultancy. Outside of work he is involved in The Evening Beis programme and more recently he helped launch the Sephardi Habura a global virtual Bet Midrash dedicated to the classical Sephardic approach, an online platform devoted to the study of Torah, Sephardi history, philosophy and Halakha.