Be a JW3 Immortal

If you WILL it, it's no dream...

Of course, family and friends will be your first priority.

But by including JW3 in your Will, you will be preserving Jewish arts, culture and heritage for years to come. You are making a mark on the future.

In that way . . . you are Immortal.

Making a Will can be expensive and daunting, so some of us put off doing so. However, it’s important to make a Will and to amend your Will as appropriate as it’s the only way to be certain that the people and causes you care about are looked after and your wishes known.

Why JW3

JW3 is a registered charity.

As an independent charity which receives no government funding, we rely on the generosity of our wonderful community for support. That means we need around £2.7 million every year in voluntary donations from people like you.

Leaving us a gift in your Will helps to protect our future. It ensures that we remain open to all, funds the costs of our charitable activities and helps us to produce world-class arts and culture and deliver inspiring education, strengthening our community.

Has JW3 made a difference to you and your family? Would you like to help ensure that thousands of others continue to benefit in the future?

If so, we would be honoured if you chose to leave a legacy or gift in your Will to support our work.

Did you know?  Your gift will be deducted from your inheritance tax liability (IHT) which is normally 40%. If you give 10% of your estate to charity. IHT is reduced to 36%

"JW3 is like my family.... it's my second home" - JW3 Food Bank Volunteer

Living Legacies

As an alternative, if you want to see the impact of your giving while you’re still alive, maybe you could consider a Living Legacy gift.

A gift of any size can have real impact.

Either way, by including JW3 in your Will or considering a Living Legacy, you are helping Jewish culture and heritage to live on.


There are four main ways to become a JW3 Living Legend or Immortal

Living Legacy

Why not make the changes you want to see while you’re still alive? By making a Living Legacy gift, you can do just that. Simply email Nick Pelmont.

Letter of Wishes

If your Will already sets aside a sum for charitable gifts to be specified from time to time by a Letter of Wishes addressed from you to your Executors, please consider JW3 as a beneficiary.
Your Letter of Wishes should state how much you wish to give or what percentage of your charitable gifts ‘pot’ in your Will you would like to be donated and to what named causes.

Making a new will

A bequest to JW3 Trust can easily be incorporated into a new Will.


If you are not making a new Will soon, please consider making a short Codicil, (additional provision to a valid, existing, English Will). This is quite simple and whilst to be valid, it requires the same formalities of execution as a Will, it is usually just a short amendment and cheaper to prepare.
If you wish to make a Codicil, it is imperative that you consult with your solicitor, particularly as you may have complicated family, tax situations or international assets to consider.

JW3 Living Legends and Immortals will be invited to a special annual reception and be recognised (if you so wish) now and for years to come in our literature and on our website.

No gift is too small to keep Jewish culture alive.

If you would like to leave a Living Legacy Gift or let us know that you wish to include JW3 in your Will or Codicil, email Nick Pelmont.