JW3 is at the heart of a vibrant, diverse, unified British-Jewish community.

Even when the world turned upside down, JW3 was there for everyone who needed us, week in, week out, lifting spirits, engaging minds, enriching lives. When the pandemic demanded distance and isolation, JW3 continued to bring people together from every walk of life, across multiple divides, regardless of geography, belief or ability, building community and strengthening society.

Our educational and cultural programming, both online and in person, impacts on thousands of people every week, online and in-person, all year round. And our social action work literally saves lives – from our regular Blood Donor sessions to the JW3 Foodbank where our volunteers have delivered over 180,000 meals-worth of food to families in need.

The coming year will be our toughest yet as we continue to fully reopen our community centre safely and respond to the demand for our services, which has never been greater. For us to truly thrive and ensure we are part of the post-pandemic rebuilding efforts, we need to create opportunities for people to be active members and participants in community life.

Former Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks z”l, who we tragically lost last year, taught us that “Community is society with a human face – the place where we know we’re not alone”, and that community is “where I am valued simply for who I am, how I live and what I give to others. It is the place where they know my name.”

During the pandemic period, too many people have felt so alone, unable to hug friends and family, celebrate or mourn with those we love, cut off physically from the places that bring us joy and comfort with others, whether synagogues or galleries, community centres or football stadia.

At JW3, we know first-hand that culture, conversation and community transform lives. As restrictions continue to ease and our daily routines slowly return, those organisations that are designed to engage people with culture, create opportunities for meaningful conversation, and build community, have a critical role to play.  We will need to create more opportunities for individuals and households to become active members of vibrant communities. To create multiple entry points into meaningful conversations. To develop places where we know we are not alone, where we are loved and valued for who we are, and where we are offered ways to give to others.

Help us ensure JW3 remains at the heart of the community, impacting on the lives of more people than ever before.

Please give generously to help us strengthen society and build community.

For more information please contact one of the JW3 Development team on info@jw3development.org.uk

Thank you so much for your support.

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