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The 18th and 19th centuries saw the European powers take over much of the world.

By the turn into the 20th century, it was clear that the USA would be taking over. Now that we are entering the 21st, China in particular, but also the rest of Asia, is clearly going to make the running. But what of Africa?

This huge continent is still usually painted either as a cause for charity or a source of conflict and a place to plunder. Might it rise in the later 21st century? Other than Latin America (which nearly climbed to the top in the late 19th century but then collapsed in on itself) Africa remains the last great land mass to take its place in the battle for dominance on the world stage.

In this course, we'll look at the less well known stories of African success as well as the continuing sources of African instability and ask ourselves whether, if ever, the time will be right for Africa as a continent with its 50+ nations, to take its rightful place at the top table of the world's economic and political players. With its population burgeoning faster than anywhere else on Earth and as a source of massive resources essential to the whole world, not least solar power, no educated person of the 21st century should any longer look at the world and not see Africa.  This course is designed to help put that right. 

Clive Lawton OBE is an Educational consultant, a magistrate and a regular teacher and presenter at JW3 where his course subjects move between diverse subjects exploring literary, philosophical, historical and religious themes. One of the founders of Limmud Clive has been a Headmaster, on the Metropolitan Police Authority and is now CEO of the Commonwealth Jewish Council and Independent Tribunal Chair for the NHS.

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