Now that we've Brexited, the battle appears to have been won for Britain to be its own independent self. But what exactly is that? What makes a society what it is? Is it the laws, the values or the culture?

Societies are not just nations. There are religions, (for example, Churches, the Jewish People, the Muslim Ummah); localities (Londoners, Yorkshiremen); cultural groupings (the US's Southerners, the Basques, 'ethnic Russians') and 'political' subsets (hippies, preppers, environmentalists).

We will analyse the variety of options for belonging and explore what we think we belong to. What binds us? How do these groups work? And, ominously, if someone wanted to harness or manipulate such bonds and forces, what levers must they pull?

Clive Lawton OBE is an Educational consultant, a magistrate and a regular teacher and presenter at JW3 where his course subjects move between diverse subjects exploring literary, philosophical, historical and religious themes. One of the founders of Limmud Clive has been a Headmaster, on the Metropolitan Police Authority and is now CEO of the Commonwealth Jewish Council and Independent Tribunal Chair for the NHS.

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