Europe today needs the understanding of history. As Eastern communist Europe imploded in 1989, so did Yugoslavia. 

Yugoslavia, thought by many to have been stabilised under Marshal Tito was nevertheless caught up in the general tsunami of political change.  The subsequent Yugoslav Civil War proved to be an arena for massive crimes against humanity.  The end result was the fragmentation of Yugoslavia into a number of separate political entities.  We shall explore this story from the gradual disintegration of the country up to the present day.

William Tyler MBE is freelance educator, lecturing, public speaking, writing and consultancy with a main focus on History. He was the Principal of The City Lit, Britain’s largest college of adult education. He was his awarded his MBE for services to education.


22nd April: Yugoslavia: A country designed to fail?

29th April: Tito and Yugoslavia

6th May: Yugoslavia becomes more volatile

13th May: Communist Eastern Europe implodes

20th May: Communist Yugoslavia dissolved

27th May: Open warfare comes to The Balkans

No class on 3rd June (Half Term)

10th June: Civil War bitter and deadly

17th June: The horrors of war and ethnic cleansing continue

24th June: Role of UN and EU – Effective?

1st July: Justice: Milosevic and Karadzic on trial

8th July: Further violence and division

15th July: Present and Future of the region

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