William Tyler MBE explores the fascinating history of the city, (known to the Medieval Western World as ‘THE’ City), from the time of the Roman Emperors through to the present Turkish leadership. 

Bestriding two continents, the city became the centre of two Empires, the Byzantine and the Ottoman.

Emperors, Sultans, Soldiers, and Scholars will all form part of this rich tapestry, as will the clash between the Christian and Islamic Faiths.

The city was of importance in the past, and remains of importance today as it seeks entry into The EU but remains stoutly Eastern in much of its culture.

William Tyler MBE is freelance educator, lecturing, public speaking, writing and consultancy with a main focus on History. He was the Principal of The City Lit, Britain’s largest college of adult education. He was his awarded his MBE for services to education.

Jan 14th: Week 1: Before 311: The Earliest History

Jan 21st: Week 2: The Rise of Constantine, Constantinople, and Christianity

Jan 28th: Week 3: THE City

Feb 4th: Week 4: Emperors, Religion, and War

Feb 11th: Week 5: The Fall of the Christian city

Feb 18th: Half term - no class

Feb 25th: Week 6: The Rise of the Ottoman city

March 4th: Week 7: From a Great Power to ‘The Sick Man of Europe’

March 11th: Week 8: The Fall of another Empire

March 18th: Week 9: No longer a capital but a tourist destination

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There will be no class on 18 February. 

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