To Jews, the big event was the Jewish Revolt (66-74) and the destruction of The Temple. To Christians, the big event was the life and crucifixion of Christ.

This one-off (online) lecture will seek to place these and other events into the wider context of The Roman Empire in The East, and to the wider history of The Kingdom of Judaea.

Political divisions in Rome, political divisions in Jerusalem, religious divisions in Judaea; these issues and more will be discussed.  Many famous characters will make an appearance, from Pompey to Herod, not forgetting the historian Josephus and Cleopatra will even have a walk on part.

William Tyler MBE is freelance educator, lecturing, public speaking, writing and consultancy with a main focus on History. He was the Principal of The City Lit, Britain’s largest college of adult education. He was his awarded his MBE for services to education.

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Date - Thu 07 January 2021 10:30am


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