There have been thousands of rabbis through the millennia and some of them have been truly remarkable.

Not only have they had major and lasting influence on the Jewish world, in some ways their thoughts and innovations have impacted on the wider world too. Over the course of these four weeks, we will look at several of them from across the centuries, learning about their lives and thought and teasing out why their thinking really ought to be fully understood by all Jews and beyond.

On successive occasions, it was one of these giants who enabled the Jewish people to keep going and made us what we are today - involved in the world but retaining our own distinctiveness. Obviously, if Moses had come down from the mountain and met a crowd of 21st century Jews at its foot, he wouldn't have known what we were on about at all. But the rabbis are ready for even that accusation and can explain how it all makes absolute sense.

Ultimately too, what's truly remarkable about these remarkable rabbis is that often even non-Jews thought they were remarkable too!

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There are 4 sessions in this course

Dates - - Doors - 10.30am

£20 per session or £64 for the series

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