A fascinating series from adult educator Clive Lawton OBE, exploring the impact and contribution Jews have made to society.

Most people are aware of what makes Jews distinctive, and we all know that Jews have astonishingly contributed to society, science, the arts, commerce, politics and so on, far beyond our proportionate numbers. But have the Jews given anything to world civilisation drawn from Jewish ideas and practices?

Clive will look at three (or maybe more!) distinctive Jewish ideas that have affected the world to its very core.

Educator, broadcaster and writer, Clive is one of JW3's scholars in residence, was one of the founders of the educational charity Limmud and currently lectures at the London School of Jewish Studies. 

Please note

There are 3 sessions in this course.

Dates - - Doors - 10.30am

£20 per session or £48 for the series

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