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A course exploring Jewish Life in a Muslim Land.

Session I: An Introduction to Jewish Life in Morocco
Photos and stories of Jewish life based on travels there over 40 years.

Session II: From the Inside Out
Do Morocco’s Jews see themselves more as Moroccan Jews or Jewish Moroccans? How do they define a ‘good Jew’ amongst themselves? And then a rare look at how they view their Muslim neighbors. This is based on original survey research – the only of its kind collected in the last four decades.

Session III: From the Other Side 
A rare and exciting look inside the Muslim community in Morocco and how they “image” the Jews in their midst. This is the first survey research of this kind carried out in Morocco. It is a clear understanding of where Muslim-Jewish relations are now, and what trends can be expected for the future.

Session IV: Some Customs Native to Moroccan Jewish Soil 
The hiloula, the Mimouna night, and a fun introduction to some of the transcendently beautiful music liturgy of this community.

Roy Mittelman is the director of the Jewish Studies Program at the City College of New York. Dr. Mittelman received his BA from the University of Pennsylvania, and a Masters and PhD in Religion from Temple University. Dr. Mittelman’s research focuses on Muslim-Jewish relations in Morocco.

Through our new online platform, JW3 is delighted to be able to bring you the very best international thinkers and teachers from around the world – Roy Mittelman will be joining us from New York.

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