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In the late 18th century, the practice emerged, for the purpose of enlightenment and wisdom, of people going on a special journey, traveling to the ‘sacred’ sites of Western civilisation. This became known as the Grand Tour.

In this series, we adapt the idea to explore the idea of a distinctly Jewish Grand Tour. Where are the places that Jews ‘should’ travel to? COVID restrictions notwithstanding, is ‘travel’ the Jewish practice of our age? On the simple level, this course is a series of virtual Jewish travel journeys, exploring sites and stories of the Jewish People around the world. But really, it is interested in asking what are the important questions Jews should be asking themselves, and what locations around the world provide the best backdrop for discussing them. Suitable for people interested in travel, history and ideas. 

Through our new online platform JW3 is delighted to be able to bring you the very best international thinkers and teachers from around the world – Jeremy will be joining us from Israel.

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