A seemingly friendly dinner party erupts into a night of violence and terror at a lush Hollywood estate.

With rising star Liraz Chamami, Michael Aloni (Shtisel) stars as a secular small-time actor who brings a beautiful African-American actress played by Stefi Celma as his date to a Tarantino-esque Shabbat dinner in the Hollywood Hills. With family and friends at pains to demonstrate their lack of racism, the good, indulged life and superficially happy times are turned on their head.

A toxic mix of alcohol, egos, cultural differences, lust and greed derails the evening rather quickly and things spin out of control. Secrets are revealed, relationships are tested and getting out in one piece will be the ultimate challenge.

Happy Times trailer

Rating: TBC
Genre: Action, Comedy, Horror
Director: Michael Mayer
Stars: Liraz Chamami, Michael Aloni, Stéfi Celma, Shani Atias, Iris Bahr, Kevin Thoms, Sophia Santi, Guy Adler

Please note

This film will be screened in the Howard Hall and will be followed by a Q&A with the lead actress Liraz Chamami.

Date - Sun 27 June 2021 7:45pm


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