Starring, written and directed by Guy Amir and Hanan Savyon, creators of hit comedy Maktub, Forgiveness is set in the south of Israel near the Gaza border, in a place where the long-suffering citizens live with incoming rocket fire on a regular basis.  

Long time pals Shaul (Amir) and Nissan (Savyon) attempt to rob a postal bank. But the botched job results in Shaul being collared and sent to prison.

Years later, on his release, Shaul is less than pleased to be greeted by the newly religious Nissan seeking his forgiveness. Even though Shaul has served his sentence, his skill set hasn’t expanded in any way that will enable him to support his family, so he needs Nissan to remember where he buried their loot.

Forgiveness trailer

Rating: TBC
Genre: Comedy
Directors: Guy Amir, Hanan Savyon
Stars: Alon Aboutboul, Guy Amir, Tsahi Halevi

Please note

This film will be screened in the Howard Hall.

Date - Thu 24 June 2021 8:00pm


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