When her best friend and roommate abruptly moves out to get married, Susan, trying to be an artist while making ends meet as a bar mitzvah photographer on Manhattan's Upper West Side, finds herself adrift in both life and love.



A photographer and her girlfriend are roommates. She is stuck with small-change shooting jobs and dreams of success. When her roommate decides to get married and leave, she feels hurt and has to learn how to deal with living alone.


Rating: 12A
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Director: Claudia Weill
Stars: Melanie Mayron, Eli Wallach, Adam Cohen

Faith in Film


Faith in Film is a new curation service by Dan Levy and Darren Richman dedicated to showcasing the best in cult Jewish cinema.

We have a broad understanding of what it means to be a Jew, and our programming reflects that. Our church is broad, our 'cinegogue' wide.

Each film we show will be situated alongside exclusive talks and Q&As. Screening movies, as faithfully as possible. 

Joining us for a live Zoom Q&A after the film will be director Claudia Weill and screenwriter Vicki Polon.

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Claudia Weill

Claudia Weill is a film, television, and theatre director. Having co-directed the Academy Award nominated documentary feature The Other Half of the Sky: A China Memoir (1975)Weill went on to direct Girlfriends (1978), her feature film debut. Upon its release, Stanley Kubrick praised the film, saying it “was one of the very rare American films that I would compare with the serious, intelligent, sensitive writing and filmmaking that you find in the best directors in Europe”.

The film has since become a cult classic. Its many contemporary admirers include Lena Dunham, who went on to ask Weill to direct an episode of her seminal TV series Girls (2013)Weill’s other TV work includes directing episodes of the Emmy award winning Thirtysomething (1987-89and Once and Again (1999-2001)Her second and most recent feature film, It’s My Turn (1980), won her the Donatello (European Oscar) for Best New Director.

In recent years, Weill has turned her focus to theatre. Perhaps most notably, she directed the West Coast Premiere of Pulitzer Prize winner Doubt by John Patrick Shanley.

She has also guest taught directing for film, television and theatre at various institutions across America, including Columbia, Harvard, and NYU. She is currently working on a documentary exploring the art and craft of directing. 

Vicki Polon

Vicki Polon is a screenwriter and producer. After workshopping the story with friend and collaborator Claudia Weill, Polon went on to write the screenplay for Girlfriends. Since then, she has gone on to produce two further features, Imposters (1979) and Mr. Wonderful (1993), for which she also co-wrote the screenplay. The film boasts an incredible cast that features Matt Dillon, William Hurt, Luiz Guzman, and the late James Gandolfini. 

Please note

The screening on Sunday 25 July at 3pm will be followed by a special Q&A, hosted by Faith in Film with Claudia Weill and Vicki Polon. See below for more info.

All screenings will be running at 50% capacity with social distanced seating in the Cinema. For those customers wishing to book wheelchair and wheelchair companion seats, please call the Box Office on 020 7433 8988 (option 1). Read more about how we're keeping you safe HERE.

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