Global politics has rarely been more interconnected, important, yet seemingly beyond comprehension!

But fear not, Hagai - globally recognised expert on Geopolitics - will in this mini-course help us understand and navigate these choppy waters! He will take us on a journey visiting Trump, Putin, North Korea, China and the Hong Kong protest, the Middle-East, and Europe and ‘the B word’, showing the patterns in the chaos, and what trends to look out for in the coming months and years.  

This is a rare chance to experience a Hagai daytime course.

Session 1 - Geopolitics 2020: What it looks like, and how we got here: Including populism and the Dictator Democrats!
Session 2 - Russia: The UK-EU-US v Russia dynamic.
Session 3 - US-China: Does trade war equals real war?!?
Session 4 - North Korea, India, Pakistan: Why these hotspots matter, and their role in the growing US-China global strategic contest.

Award-winning academic and internationally renowned consultant, commentator and keynote speaker Hagai M. Segal is a leading authority on geopolitical issues, strategic risk, the Middle East and counter-terrorism. He is uniquely placed to look beyond obvious headlines and superficial news analyses, and interpret the real effects of global events as they unfold.

His keynote speeches are sharp, insightful and timely – helping corporations, financial institutions, NGOs, business groups, police forces and security agencies make sense of the increasingly complex and globalised world we live in.

Hagai has just won a prestige award from New York University, becoming a 2020 recipient of the Liberal Studies Teaching Award for Global Site Faculty. The award, nominated by students, recognises faculty members teaching at NYU global study centres for their excellence in teaching and commitment to global pedagogy.

Please note

There are 4 sessions in this course.

A Zoom link to join this event will be included in the confirmation email upon booking.

Dates - - Doors - 2pm

£20 per session or £64 for the series

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