Our Planet’s Environment has always been changing. In doing so humanity has had to adapt to those changes.

We shall explore a number of specific ways in which humanity has interacted with environmental change, and in some cases where humanity itself has caused such change. Topics will include Early Human Evolution, Medieval attitudes to the environment, humanity’s relationship with the Animal and Plant Kingdoms, The Little Ice Age, and The Industrial Revolution’s part in the present environmental crisis.

William Tyler was the Principal of The City Lit, Britain’s largest college of adult education. He now has a freelance career which includes lecturing, public speaking, writing and consultancy with a main focus on History.

Topics by week:

Week 1: General Introduction and The Last Ice Age

Week 2: Medieval Little Ice Age Part 1

Week 3: Medieval Little Ice Age Part2

Week 4: The historical fight against Water (Flooding)

Week 5: Plagues across time

Week 6: Humanity’s relationship with the animal world

Week 7: Humanity’s relationship with the rest of the natural world

Week 8: The Year with No Summer (volcanic Activity)

Week 9: Agricultural changes from Pre Roman to 18th century

Week 10: The Agricultural Revolution from the 18th century on

Week 11: The Industrial Revolution (coal & oil)

Week 12: Global Warming and Environmental Damage

Please note

There are 12 sessions in this series.

There is no class on 28 May 

Dates - - Doors - 11am

£20 per session or £192 for the series

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