Every two years, the leaders of the 53 nations of the Commonwealth get together at CHOGM - the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting.

Clive Lawton, CEO of the Commonwealth Jewish Council, will have just returned from the latest CHOGM in Kigali Rwanda.

In this course, he will explore what - if anything! - is the point of the Commonwealth in the 21st century. Why are countries like Rwanda, which had nothing to do with the British Empire, queuing up to join? What does the Commonwealth do and why does it still exist?

Educator, broadcaster and writer, Clive is one of JW3's scholars in residence, was one of the founders of the educational charity Limmud and currently lectures at the London School of Jewish Studies. 

Please note

There are 3 sessions in this course.

Dates - - Doors - 10.30am

£20 per session or £48 for the series

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