Usually you'd see a different message about membership here. Usually we’d be telling you all about belonging to a physical community, and giving back to the thriving, laughing, teaching, inspiring, joyful community centre you love. 

These aren’t usual times though. So we're launching our new membership scheme, JW3 Friends.

Become a JW3 Friend

After months of having to shut our doors to the public, we recently reopened our building to the public, with in-person events for all ages and great movies on JW3 Cinema. We do all that while keeping our building COVID19-secure, which means we cannot welcome the regular capacities we did before the pandemic broke. 

This pandemic is having a huge impact on us and the people who rely on our services - the thousands of people who come through our doors every week to use our facilities, be stimulated from our classes, enjoy our films and shows, bring their children – or their parents and grandparents – to engage in our activities, eat in our café or meet old friends and make new ones. 

During these challenging times, we feel it is more important than ever for JW3 to keep offering high-quality Jewish arts, culture, learning and life to keep people engaged, inspired and entertained. A JW3 team continue to work - mostly remotely, of course - round the clock to create and curate in-person and online programmes to keep you, your family, and everyone engaged and stimulated, whether they're looking to go out or prefer to stay home as much as possible. We have also been offering recordings of a wide range of high-quality events from recent years for free to access via our new service – JW3 TVor via the new platform we created for content from the entire Jewish community, JewishOnline.

JW3 has also been highly involved in the Borough of Camden's response to the current Covid 19 Pandemic, as we currently act as the central food hub for the north of the borough, with food for over 60,000 meals being distributed through us to residents in need, and has been supporting NHS blood drives, as well as operating a phone service to engage with lonely members of the community.

To get all of this done, we need your support - now more than ever. And the simplest way for anyone to support us is to become a JW3 Friend, either for a year or with our new monthly friendship scheme. The majority of our income depends on our physical building being open, and most of that income will now be lost. Your friendship will make a real difference during this difficult time, and will help us to keep providing our services, no matter how difficult things get - until we're able to open our doors, and we can all meet again. 

Friendship Benefits

We appreciate the friends who support us. That's why as a friend, you'll also: 

  • Save 10% on events, activities, classes & courses
  • Receive special promotions and discounts
  • Get advanced booking
  • Enjoy further member discounts offered by partner organisations and businesses

Single Friendship

For one individual age 18 or over, and all children under 18 living at the same address. 

Advanced booking is available.

Discounts apply to one ticket per event. 

£5 (Monthly) / £45 (Annual) 

Family / Double Friendship

For any two adults (ages over 18), and all children under 18 living at the same address. 

Advanced booking is available.

Discounts apply to two tickets per event. 

£7.5 (Monthly) / £75 (Annual) 

Terms and Conditions

The JW3 Friend scheme is usually offered for a renewable period of 12 months or for a rolling one month period.

We reserve the right to revoke Friendship at any time if a Friend acts in an unreasonable manner towards other visitors to  or user of JW3, including to to JW3 volunteers, staff, teachers, presenters, performers or partners.

JW3 Friends enjoy a range of benefits that are listed and updated on the Friendship page of our website. JW3 reserves the right to change, remove or substitute any of the benefits at any time. Please check the Friendship page of our website for the latest benefits.

As a JW3 Friend you agree not to pass on the benefits of your Friendship to anyone not part of the scheme so that they might benefit from any discounts within it. If JW3 believes you are ‘sharing’ your Friendship to secure benefits for others who are no JW3 Friends, we reserve the right to cancel your Friendship with immediate effect, without refunding any joining fee.

All ticket-holders using a Friend's discounted ticket, must be a valid JW3 Friend at the time of the event. JW3 Friends may not purchase discounted tickets on behalf of non-Friends. Anyone attempting to enter an event with a discounted ticket who is not a JW3 Friend will be asked to pay the full price or may be refused entry to the event with no refund given.

Any offers for free Friends events or early bird bookings or discounted tickets are subject to availability. JW3 cannot guarantee a ticket to any individual Friend.

Friendship discounts can not be combined with any other offers, discounts or concessions for JW3 events or services.

Benefits for JW3 Friends are only valid for the length that their Friendship exists for. Should a JW3 Friend purchase a ticket for any events that take place after their Friendship lapses, those events  must either be re-purchased at full cost, or the Friendship reinstated to cover the period of the events. This includes any individual classes of a course, or individual events in a series taking place on a date after a Friendship has lapsed, including where the first class/event in the course/series started before the Friendship lapsed.



Become a JW3 Friend