Every young person, no matter who they are or where they are from, should have the opportunity to progress and thrive, regardless of the struggles they face. Young people in every community are affected by poverty, neglect and abuse. The Jewish community is not immune to these issues.

There is a growing number of vulnerable young Jewish people who struggle to function within mainstream schools. Many believe that there is no other option available to them. JW3’s Gateways programme provides a viable alternative.

What we do

Gateways offers a safe space, delivering a range of bespoke academic and vocational courses which provide young people with hope for the future.

Who we are

Gateways is an education and vocational provision that helps and supports vulnerable young people and those experiencing mental health challenges within the Jewish community.

Who we support

Gateways supports young people aged 15‑25 who are striving to overcome emotional, behavioural and social challenges. Our student cohort is made up of:

• Students aged 15-17 within mainstream education. Issues can include: school refusers, those unable to engage within a school setting and students at risk of exclusion from school

• Students aged 18-25 referred by third party organisations. Issues can include: neglect, low self-esteem, and victims of abuse, mental health issues and addictions.

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