Empowering young people through education

Young people in every community are affected by poverty, neglect, abuse and addiction. The Jewish community is not immune to these issues.

There are a number of vulnerable young Jewish people who struggle to function within mainstream schools and many believe that there is no other option available to them. The Gateways programme aspires to provide a viable alternative.

Gateways is a vocational development provision offering young Jewish people aged 15-25 a way of learning and support outside mainstream education. Every young person deserves the opportunity to achieve their potential and, at Gateways, we strive to offer young people alternative and constructive ways to enhance their skill set, rebuild their self-esteem and instil hope for the future. Our aim is to empower students to progress and achieve in both their work and independent lives. Students learn practical, vocational skills ranging from music production, photography and cookery to office administration, business enterprise, personal finance and web design.

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