Enter the immersive and colourful world of Zoom Rockman's Jewish Hall of Fame.

Award-winning Cartoonist and Paper Puppet Animator, Zoom Rockman is creating a series of 10 fully interactive, life-size portraits of Jewish icons.

So, grab a Selfie with Sacha Baron Cohen, experience being fired from Lord Sugar’s Beigel Shop or take part in an interactive performance by the late, great, Amy Winehouse and more.

Each portrait is hand-crafted using Zoom’s unique, self-invented technique; a precise combination of illustrations and mechanics, hand-cranked by you for a truly interactive experience.

Zoom Rockman

Zoom Rockman (born 2000) is an Award winning Political Cartoonist, Illustrator and Paper Puppet Animator, born and raised in London.

His comic, The Zoom! (which he started publishing at age 9) attracted wide critical acclaim for its funny and irreverent critique of urban life, as well as a cult following.

Described as 'a rising star with an edgy wit and genuine cultural awareness well beyond his years,' he became the youngest ever contributor to The Beano at age 12 with a monthly comic strip featuring his character, ‘Skanky Pigeon’.

After 4 years he started getting scripts rejected for being too old for their audience, so he quit and set his sights on working for Private Eye. His first submission, a cartoon featuring Parliament in ‘Grenfell’ Style Cladding with the heading, ‘Things that Won’t Happen’ was published in June 2017 and he’s since become a regular contributor. His ‘Ascent of Ma’am’ cartoon was featured on the cover of their Platinum Jubilee Souvenir Issue.

He has been a guest speaker and runs comic-making workshops for all ages at various events across the country including; the House of Commons, The Whitworth Gallery, Manchester, The Baltic, Gateshead, The Wellcome Trust, The Apple Store, Radio 1’s Big Weekend, The Cartoon Museum, City Hall, CNN and the Victoria & Albert Museum.

London Evening Standard previously named him as one of the Most Influential Londoners under 25.

Zoom attended JCoSS secondary school in Barnet and studied Graphic Design at Central Saint Martin’s graduating in 2022 with a first.

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