We're proud to share online the first ever piece of theatre performed at JW3: Wot? No Fish!!

Winner of the Brian Way Award for Best New Play 2013 and Lyn Gardner's "Pick of the 2013 Fringe" in the Guardian, Wot? No Fish!! astounded critics and audiences alike with an extraordinary story of love, art, history and catering.

The issue of the "outsider" is a recurring one in WNF, be it the outsider as artist, immigrant or disabled family member. All of this is glimpsed through the "cartoons" drawn by Danny's great-uncle Ab Solomons on the back of his weekly wage packets.

With searing honesty, Ab documented and reflected on one family's life for 60 years.

Written and performed by Danny Braverman.

A beautiful hour and a half of memory and speculation

Susannah Clapp - The Guardian
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