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A staple of Jewish journalism is to point out famous people who are Jews - especially when they're famous rather than notorious!

We're understandably proud of the huge disproportion of Jews, for example, who have won Nobel prizes. But when in fact have Jews made a real difference to the world, rather than individual Jews happening to play their part in the unfolding of history?

We'll look at four occasions/examples from history, in some cases when Jews were the protagonists and in others where Jews were the cause, and consider whether we can expect Jews to make any more difference to the world in future. 

1. The Battle for Makkah  
2.  The Dreyfus Affair
3. The Holocaust
4. The IHRA definition of Anti-Semitism

Clive Lawton OBE is an Educational consultant, a magistrate and a regular teacher and presenter at JW3 where his course subjects move between diverse subjects exploring literary, philosophical, historical and religious themes. One of the founders of Limmud, Clive has been a Headmaster, on the Metropolitan Police Authority and is now CEO of the Commonwealth Jewish Council and Independent Tribunal Chair for the NHS

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