A series of three classes by Clive Lawton, as he discusses all the qualities needed to lead the country.

A few months after the last election, it seems timely to reflect on what is required to be remembered as a 'Good Prime Minister'.

Clive will restrict himself to the UK and just the 20th and 21st centuries. That leaves a stellar cast of characters to consider, from the fiery to the avuncular, the wily to the functionary, the staggeringly dominant to the almost utterly pointless. We'll try to define what talents, skills and circumstances make for a place in the history books, either as a saviour or a catastrophe. You might even get a vote, but strictly first past the post...

Clive Lawton OBE was on the founding board of JW3 and is a regular teacher and presenter in the building and now on-line. Clive works worldwide in educational development and community cohesion and diversity issues, and he is CEO of the Commonwealth Jewish Council.


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