A series of workshops for budding writers, run by author and X-Factor writer Ivor Baddiel.

These workshops will cover a range of areas from writing for television to comedy writing to book writing. Each workshop will give an introduction to the topic and give participants an insight into what is involved and get them writing.

The workshops will be very relaxed with no one under any pressure to share what they’ve written if they don’t want to and, for those that do, the feedback will be constructive, positive and, hopefully, rewarding.

There will also be tips and insights into how to overcome writer’s block and how to access creativity, as well as exercises in editing.

Ivor Baddiel has been eking out a living as a writer for almost thirty years. He’s written 23 books and worked on TV shows such as The Baftas, Harry and Meghan’s Wedding and The X Factor. Now, he’s decided to pass on the great secrets he’s learnt so that others can pass on the great secrets he’s learnt to others, who can then pass on the great secrets they’ve learnt to others...

Each workshop will last for an hour and a half, with a short break.

Please note

This course will take place in the building only.

A booking fee of £2 will be added to all orders.

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£15 per session or £70 for the series

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