Looking for your summer lockdown reads?

These are our two hot tips, and we’ve brought the writers together for this live event where you'll also have a chance to ask your questions.

Join two of the country's leading writers, Tracy Chevalier and Amanda Craig as they discuss their new novels examining life in Britain at two different precarious moments; inter-war and the current day. 

In Chevalier’s A Single Thread, Violet Speedwell has lost a brother and a fiancee to the first world war and has to bravely reshape her life, broader than society’s limiting expectations. Chevalier’s wholly immersing attention to period detail creates a beautiful and engrossing novel.

In Craig’s, A Golden Rule, 29 year old Hannah is going through a messy divorce struggling to stay financially afloat and look after her young daughter when a chance encounter with a stranger named Jinni on a train to Cornwall changes the course of events. Hannah and Jinni agree to murder each other’s problematic husbands but the plot takes unexpected turns along the way.

Book for yourself or your whole book group.

Click on the links to purchase Tracy Chevalier's A Single Thread or Amanda Craig's The Golden Rule.

The Golden Rule

An irresistible summer read.

The Guardian

A Single Thread

A fascinating novel.

The Times

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Date - Sun 12 July 2020 8:00pm


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