The discovery of a photo and a letter in an old suitcase prompts a group of Jewish and Christian high school students to learn about the fate of the little girl in the picture – and of the Roman Jewish community she belonged to.

A Starry Sky Above the Roman Ghetto


Bursting with youthful energy, this charming drama looks back at Italy’s dark war years while celebrating modern culture of coexistence, tolerance and interfaith love. A young film for all ages. 

'Part detective story, part high school drama, part interfaith love story and part plea for religious tolerance, “Starry Sky” is a film for all ages, especially teens and other young adults...All in all, un buonissimo film indeed' - The Atlanta Jewish Times


Rating: 15
Genre: Drama
Director: Giulio Base

Age - 15+ Dates - -

£6 / £12

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