A misfit boy and girl secretly repair an antique fighter plane with the help of a grumpy old loner.

13-year-old Yotam is obsessed with flying, but his overprotective mother won't let him anywhere near planes, especially after he lost his father in a jet crash a few years ago. When Yotam and his classmate Noa find a rare antique plane in the local junkyard, they team up with Morris, an 80-year-old grumpy loner who used to be a pilot. Together they try to bring the plane back to life, just in time for the Annual Air Show.

Sky Raiders trailer

Rating: TBC
Genre: Adventure, Family
Director: Lior Chefetz
Stars: Amir Tessler, Hila Natanzon, Arie Tcherner

All Real Living is Meeting (Short Animated Film)


A person's character is formed through their encounters with others. In this animated film, we explore this philosophy through Camilla the chameleon, the film's heroine, and her experiences on the path toward defining herself.

The plot follows Camilla on her first day of life in the forest, as she meets all the other animals. At first, the chameleon is camouflaged in the forest, changing her colour to match her surroundings. Camilla is innocent, curious and kind hearted, and in her encounters with the forests animals, her colours reveal her emotions.

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Sky Raiders will be screened in the Howard Hall with the short film All Real Living is Meeting (info below).

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