Enjoy exclusive access to a bisl Shtisel.

We bring you the much anticipated new season of the hit Israeli TV series. Download the first three episodes of season 3 of Shtisel between January 14th and 17th and you have 72 hours to watch them, once you’ve started.

Along with the episodes you can also enjoy a sneak peak behind the scenes with an exclusive panel discussion with cast and crew including stars Dovale Glickman, Zohar Strauss and Hana Laslau, Reef Neeman, and the producer Dikla Brakai and director Alon Zingman.

In association with Seret International, Jewish News, Yes Studios, Abot Hameiri Barkai Productions.

Season 3 Synopsis

The beloved family returns four years from where we last saw them;

Akiva (Michael Aloni) is now a father and a thriving artist; still, he is a cause for concern for his father Shulem (Dovale Glickman). Giti Weiss (Neta Riskin), together with her husband Lippe (Zohar Strauss) run a successful neighborhood restaurant and are dealing with their grown children; Ruchami (Shira Haas) and Yossale. 

Ruchami is learning to adjust to married life and the challenges of becoming a mother, while Yossale's has reached the age where he needs to consider getting married, using the gregarious matchmaker, Menucha (Hana Laslo) though he seems to prefer to focus on his studies. Yet when he meets Shira Tzibulnick (Reef Neeman) a beautiful, incredibly smart young woman, his life is no longer the same.

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