In the temples of Laos, teenage monks accompany a soul in transit from one body to another through the bardo. A luminous and sonorous journey leads to reincarnate on the beaches of Zanzibar, where groups of women work in seaweed farms.  



Every morning, a Buddhist teenager visits an elderly woman’s home to read her The Bardo Thödol, a guide for the journey between death and the next rebirth. On her last day, the young man whispers the book's final passages in her ear, closes his eyes, and meditates alongside her, as she embarks on a transformative journey into what lies beyond. 


Genre: Drama 
Director: Lois Patiño 
Stars: Amid Keomany, Toumor Xiong, Simone Milavanh  

Please note

This film is in Lao and Swahili with English subtitles. 

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