The life and legacy of Picture Post, Britain's best-selling magazine during and after WWII. Through its powerful picture stories, Picture Post helped to transform post-war Britain, and changed the face of British photography.

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Established in 1938 by Hungarian Jewish refugee Stefan Lorant, Picture Post became an overnight success. Shaped by its founder and first editor’s liberal and progressive values, the iconic weekly magazine, which focused on the life of the common man, revolutionised not only Britain’s publishing world but also its politics and public life. Exploring their adoptive country from their distinct outsider’s perspective, Lorant and his team of influential photographers championed a fairer and more equal society, and led, even if indirectly, to Labour’s historic win over Churchill in the first election after the war. A journey back in time to one of the most dynamic and exciting eras in the country’s modern history.

Part of the Alan Howard International Documentary Film Strand


Rating: PG
Genre: Documentary
Director: Rob West



"★★★★ With photospread succinctness, Rob West’s inspiring documentary... lays out the case for Picture Post's pioneeringly demotic photojournalism, high artistic credentials and impact on public policy." - The Guardian

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Date - Wed 10 November 2021 6:30pm


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