A sly business manager and the wacky friends of two opera singers in Italy help them achieve success in America while humiliating their stuffy and snobbish enemies.

A Night at the Opera


The legendary Marx Brothers take a hilarious, musical swipe at self-importance, pomposity and insensitivity, that crescendos with a manic on-stage performance in A Night at the Opera. 

Seedy promoter Otis B. Driftwood guarantees patroness (Margaret Dumont) a position in high society if she bankrolls an opera. The plan hinges on signing egotistical tenor Rodolfo Lassparri, but Driftwood meets his match in talent manager Fiorello, who represents "the world's greatest tenor" -- actually the more-deserving, but unknown Ricardo Baroni, who's also in love with the opera's soprano, Rosa. 

When Driftwood's deal falls through, the promoter, his patroness, tenors, soprano and many more must make a madcap Atlantic steamship crossing, which includes one of cinema's most memorable comedy sequences within a small stateroom. And New York's Metropolitan Opera will never be the same when the Marx Brothers stage "Il Travatore" in the Big Apple. 


Rating: U
Genre: Comedy, Music, Musical
Director: Sam Wood, Edmund Goulding(uncredited)
Stars: Groucho Marx, Chico Marx, Harpo Marx


Age - U Date - Wed 28 December 2022 7:00pm


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