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‘Nature and nurture’ may conjure up an old mental picture but the power of this image continues to resonate beyond the tension between genetic inheritance and patterns of human development.

Angela will look at ‘nature’ itself—our environment—and how Jewish tradition views it. In a pandemic—or post-pandemic—age, nature and nurture could hardly be more timely. Angela will tackle these and related issues in her dynamic and interactive style. This is an original course, especially created for JW3.

Angela Gluck has worked as a teacher, trainer and consultant to schools and local authorities. She is the author of over 40 books on aspects of religion and history, and broadcasts on these subjects. She devotes part of her work to teaching children, young people and adults in cross-communal settings. She is an active trustee of The Separated Child Foundation.

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These classes will take place in the building and can only be booked as a whole series.

There will be no session on 6 June.

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£144 for the series

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