Join historian Jill Stern as she uncovers a little-known aspect of Spanish history: the story of the Moriscos.

1492 was not only a key date for the Jews in Spain. The year of their expulsion was also the year of the Spanish Conquest of Granada, the last Muslim kingdom in the Iberian Peninsula. What was Catholic Spain to do with the numerous Muslims living in its territory?

The story of the Moriscos (‘little Moors’) as they were called, throws light on a less well-known aspect of Spanish history. We follow them as they struggle to accommodate to life in Catholic Spain, rebel and are ultimately in their turn expelled. Along the way we compare their fate with those of Jews who converted to Christianity in order to remain in Spain but who faced similar tribulations at the hands of the Inquisition and the government.

Jill Stern graduated with first class honours in History from King’s College London. Much of her working life was spent as a teacher at Wycombe Abbey School. Returning to academic study she gained an MA (Distinction) and a doctorate in seventeenth century Dutch history at University College London.  As a doctoral student she was awarded the prestigious Pollard Prize for History. She has a book and many published articles to her credit. She has lectured in Britain, the Netherlands and New York. History is her lifelong passion and she is keen to share that passion.

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Date - Wed 06 October 2021 11:00am

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