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The Middle East has never been more dynamic, currently in the midst of dramatic change - the old rule books have been torn up as the Sunni-Shia dynamic replaces the Arab-Israeli conflict as the dominant regional conflict, completely redefining who are friends and enemies in the region.

All this while the Trump Factor adds uncertainty and chaos and Israel struggles with huge internal political instability.

Hagai will dive deep into these issues and their implications, looking at Israel, Iran and Trump, the Sunni-Shia dynamics, the post-ISIS/IS situation etc... and what it all means for the region and the world!

Session 1 - Saudi, Iran and the redrawing of the Middle-East today.
Session 2 - Israel: Too many elections, a PM under indictment, and an impending annexation.
Session 3 - Syria-Lebanon-Iraq: Watching the hotspots.
Session 4 - Now and the future - What to expect in the years to come.

Award-winning academic and internationally renowned consultant, commentator and keynote speaker Hagai M. Segal is a leading authority on geopolitical issues, strategic risk, the Middle East and counter-terrorism.

Hagai has just won a prestige award from New York University, becoming a 2020 recipient of the Liberal Studies Teaching Award for Global Site Faculty. The award, nominated by students, recognises faculty members teaching at NYU global study centres for their excellence in teaching and commitment to global pedagogy.

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There are 4 sessions in this course.

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Dates - - Doors - 2pm

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