Natalie Roles and Ashley Gunstock, two actors from The Bill, will be going head-to-head, as the merchant and the moneylender, in this highly vibrant production of The Merchant of Venice - Shakespeare's most controversial play.

'If it will feed nothing else, it will feed my revenge.'  

In a city run by greed, in the grip of a Halloween chaos, what price must you pay for love? Can you hope for justice in a society without tolerance? Or is vengeance the closest the outsider can get to acceptance?  

Poetic Justice Productions presents The Merchant of Venice, regarded as being Shakespeare’s most controversial play, echoing not only the period in which it was written but that of today’s Britain: the wealthy few have power and the outsider, considered to be dangerous, must be kept in line.  

Set against the backdrop of modern-day working shipping docks, Antonia, a wealthy Merchant is desperately in need of funds. Her friend, Bassanio, needs a rich wife to clear his debts. Portia, a wealthy heiress, reduced to a prize for which men must gamble, seems to be the perfect solution. 

Beneath the charmed surface, all are at risk, and everyone needs a win. As for Shylock, the despised and alienated moneylender? Is he the answer to Antonia’s prayers or will Shylock seek revenge against the community that has never accepted him? 

“This is a lively and modern Venice stuffed with money, revenge and romance.” Culturefly  

“This very well-presented version of The Merchant of Venice is excellently executed, proving to modern audiences that Shakespeare doesn’t have to be complicated in order to understand it.” My Theatre Mates  

Sunday 29 October 2023 from 5pm to 6.45pm, including a 15-minute interval

Please note

This is a third-party, venue hire event and not part of the JW3 programme. All bookings and questions should be made with the supplier, not JW3. 

Date - Sun 29 October 2023 5:00pm

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