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Mensches in the Trenches shares the previously untold stories of several Jewish South Africans who played a role in opposing Apartheid. 

SA Jewish Board of Deputies National Chairperson Karen Milner will share some of these meaningful stories some of the `Mensches’ and their children. 

South Africa’s transition from white domination to multi-racial democracy was made possible by ordinary people from all backgrounds who, working on the ground and out of the public eye, defied the Apartheid system. Among these unsung ‘foot soldiers’ of the liberation struggle were many Jewish community members. They included educators, trade unionists, lawyers, business leaders, theatre managers, writers, journalists and student activists.

Based largely on personal interviews with Struggle veterans, Mensches in the Trenches tells the hitherto forgotten or previously unknown stories of people who were at the coalface of opposing Apartheid and how the efforts and sacrifices they made helped to bring justice to their country.

PROF KAREN MILNER is the National Chairperson of the SA Jewish Board of Deputies and Professor of Psychology at Wits University. She will be interviewing a few of the `Mensches’, members of the SA Jewish community who played a role in the struggle against Apartheid in SA.  Included in the panel will be anti-Apartheid activist and political prisoner Paul Trewhela and Paul and Nicholas Goldreich, sons of Arthur Goldreich.

In partnership with the South African Board of Deputies and the Board of Deputies of British Jews.

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This event will take place in the building. 

Date - Tue 13 September 2022 7:30pm

£15 (£10 earlybird before 1/9) in the building

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