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A four week course about Leon Uris's popular historical novel Exodus.

This year is the 60th anniversary of the film Exodus, based on Leon Uris’s popular historical novel about the 1947 immigration ship Exodus and the founding of the State of Israel, a book about which David Ben-Gurion remarked, “as a piece of propaganda, it’s the greatest thing ever written about Israel”.

In this four-week course we’ll read extracts and watch clips, exploring the impression they made on wider popular culture as well as the criticisms of racism levied against them. We’ll also reflect on the long-term impact on the families of both the real-life refugees whose story it was based on and the British soldiers who turned them away. No previous knowledge or reading/viewing necessary.

Aviva Dautch is the Executive Director of Jewish Renaissance, the UK's Jewish arts magazine. She is a published poet, has a PhD in literature and lectures on modern Jewish culture at the London School of Jewish Studies and JW3. She is a regular contributor to courses and programmes for the British Library, British Museum and BBC Radio 4.


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£10 per session or £40 for the series

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