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With gender transition and LGBTQ+ in the headlines daily, the certainties of the world that some generations grew up in are no longer quite so certain.

Currently, just about the first thing we ask about a baby is its sex, almost before we express concern for its health! How odd!

As with every other issue of interest, the Jews, of course, have a view... or actually, as usual, several! The Talmud recognises at least four genders, most would say six and some would say eight! Moderns have gone further.

But surely we all know that traditional Judaism only recognises two genders - male and female -and then privileges men over women?

In this surprising course, Clive will delve into contemporary gender theory, social history, the Talmud and Jewish mysticism to find out whether or not the 'gender binary' is done for in society in general and in the Jewish world in particular. If it isn't, why not? And if it is, how do we organise ourselves in future?

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