Trudy Gold will use her forty years teaching experience in Jewish History to examine identity choices, flashpoints and controversies that have challenged the Jewish world in the last two hundred years.

Are Anglo-Jews the Jews of complacency? Was America really the ‘Goldenah Medina’? What is the real impact of the Shoah on the Jewish world? Was Ben Gurion right to give the order to fire on the Altalena? Have the Religious too much power? How do Jews today walk the tightrope of being Jewish and part of modernity? Are we at our best on the edges of society? Was Zionism a right or wrong turning?

These and other identity crises and controversies will aim to reach the heart of the issues that still face us today.

Trudy Gold has taught Jewish history, specialising in Holocaust studies, for the past 35 years. Trudy is academic editor of the online resource, Explaining the Holocaust, and was editor of the UK teaching programme, Understanding the Holocaust.  She authored The Timechart History of Jewish Civilisation. She is a very popular teacher and presenter at JW3 as well as having a global presence and popularity.

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