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Human is the name given to Blake Ezra sharing deeply personal stories from his career and his life outside of photography. It is not a photography lecture, it’s about people, relationships and morality.

Human opened at JW3 in front of a sold-out auditorium in January 2020. It received rave reviews from audience members of all ages and backgrounds and many requests for a repeat. This will be in the JW3 Hall and on Zoom by booking. 

With a degree in Middle Eastern Studies, Blake is a published writer who has been invited to address politics students at Cambridge University. Before photography, his distinguished career in youth work saw him being personally presented to HRH The Queen at St. James’ Palace. In the last decade, nobody has photographed the Jewish community as extensively as Blake Ezra, and now he again steps out from behind the camera and onto the stage.

Reviews from his first show in Jan 2020: 

“If I sound like I’m gushing, I am. What we sat through was a gift, one of the best performances I’ve ever been to! It was like listening to an audio-book but with the added excitement of having the most incredible images which evoked both laughter and tears.” SG

"I am lost for words. Blown away. Completely blown away. What really hit me was how he sees and connects with people. How he can not merely empathise with their situation but almost live their situation.” AM 

“WOW. Every word. Every shot. Blake had the whole room hanging on every word. Just wonderful.” TC

Please note

This event will take place in our building. If you would prefer to view this event online, please click HERE

Date - Tue 19 January 2021 8:00pm


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