On a small insignificant kibbutz in the Galilee, a great debate rages: Should the gate that faces the local Arab village be locked shut, or should it remain open?

Yochanan, who lost his brother in the War of Independence, fights for the gate to be closed.  Yiftach, aging peacenik, must do all he can to signal openness to his Palestinian cousins. And Amal, the caterer from the Arab village, just wants someone to open the gate so she can get home after a long day. 

What do you think: open or closed?

An exciting piece of new theatre at its most thought-provoking and engaging.

Q&A with Robbie Gringras following the performance.

Please note

This performance will be taking place online. To attend in person, please click HERE

Date - Tue 16 November 2021 7:30pm


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