Fight COVID by looking at the past.

Having started the course with looking at the Black Death and the Plague, Clive will turn his attention to 'Fighting Back' - what did Christendom do when Islam rose?

Stuck in the middle of a crisis as we are now, when every option only seems to create another problem of unimaginable proportions, besides demanding of us all behaviour we feel we could not possibly adapt to, it's salutary to look at several crises from the past and consider how, if at all, society survived them. With really big issues, you need really long perspective and that, of course, is something we can't get now on COVID. But a root about in the past might help a little.  

Clive Lawton OBE is an Educational consultant, a magistrate and a regular teacher and presenter at JW3 where his course subjects move between diverse subjects exploring literary, philosophical, historical and religious themes. One of the founders of Limmud Clive has been a Headmaster, on the Metropolitan Police Authority and is now CEO of the Commonwealth Jewish Council and Independent Tribunal Chair for the NHS.

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