Brilliant, funny, and generating an enthusiasm rarely felt in the cinema, The City, created and directed by Amit Ulman, is a genre-bending genre film, a rap opera that is an homage to film noir, crime fiction, and Israeli rap.    

The first ever Hebrew rap musical inspired by black music, film noir, and detective films, the plot focuses on the character of Joe, a cynical and bitter detective working in a corrupt, decaying city. One stormy night, a young woman named Sarah Bennett comes to Joe's office and tells him about the mysterious disappearance of her sister. Joe decides to take the case, a decision that could cost him his life. 

The short film, The Gospel According to Alan, will be shown prior to the film. 

The City


Rating: Unrated 
Genre: Musical, Drama 
Director: Amit Ulman 
Stars: Amit Ulman, Moria Akons, Idan Alterman, Omer Havron, Alon Neuman 

Please note

This film is in Hebrew with English subtitles. 

A booking fee of £2 will be added to all orders. 

Date - Mon 20 May 2024 8:30pm


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