We're delighted that your child will be joining us for JW3’s Summer Camp with Infinite Jest.  

Please make sure you comply with our T&Cs and safety measures. These measures will be strictly adhered, as we strongly believe that they will keep all our children, leaders and parents safe during this pandemic.

NB: To ensure that we can safely care for your child, your booking is not confirmed (and we will not accept your child into our care at camp) until you have completed and submitted the child information form. 

Summer Holiday Camp T&Cs in response to COVID – 19

How we will keep your children safe

  • Reduced capacity at camp to ensure adequate space for all campers. 
  • Activities specially designed to work within safety guidance. 
  • Bookings are for the full week of camp rather than by day, to decrease the turnover of children. We may open to individual day bookers closer to the start date if we have capacity. No bookings will be accepted on the day. 
  • Children to be organised into small social bubbles of c8-10 children that they stay with for the full week of camp. Each bubble has its own leader who will stay with the bubble for the full week.  
  • Leaders will socially distance from children and colleagues. 
  • A common-sense approach will be taken for children to socially distance within their bubble. 
  • As many activities as possible will take place outdoors, including lunch times. Any activity that runs indoors will only take place in spaces that have been cleaned appropriately and that are well ventilated. 
  • Staggered arrival and exit times for different bubbles to ensure minimal congestion. 
  • Hand sanitiser available for each bubble that must be used on arrival, during breaks and when leaving the venue. 
  • Children and leaders will wash their hands throughout the day. 
  • Additional cleaning of equipment each day. 
  • Additional cleaning of toilets and high-frequency touchpoints during each day. 
  • Dedicated isolation room in case an individual presents symptoms whilst at camp. 
  • Children to wear a different set of clothes each day and not bring in toys, teddies or blankets. 
  • Sun cream must be applied in advance (also, please send your child with a hat, especially on hot days) 
  • Children to bring their own water bottles, snacks and a packed lunch - we will not be serving food on site. Children will eat in their own bubbles. Children will not be permitted to share snacks or lunch. Each child should have their own, labelled, water bottle which they can easily open to refill themselves. 
  • One- way system on entry and exit of the venue. 
  • Children can arrive any time between 9:30--10am and be collected any time between 2:30--3pm.
  • To reduce the number of people congregating, please send only one adult to drop off or pick up children, and if possible do not bring siblings. 

JW3's Summer Camp T&Cs

  • If your child shows symptoms of COVID-19 whilst at camp, they will be placed in an isolation room and accompanied by a staff member who will be in full PPE. 
  • The parent/guardian shall be notified immediately, and the child will be collected at the earliest possible time. In the event of any child or leader testing positive for Covid-19 we will follow all government advice. 
  • If a leader or child tests positive and we are advised by government to close a bubble, a full refund for the remaining days of camp will be offered. 
  • Please do not send your child to camp if they or any others in the household are displaying symptoms of Covid-19. 
  • If the child is unable to attend camp due to falling ill with COVID-19, we will try to fill the place and offer a full refund for the days missed if successful. If we are unable to fill the space, no refund will be offered. 
  • If any members of a child’s family start showing symptoms of COVID-19, the child should not attend the camp. We will try to fill the place and offer a full refund for the days missed if successful. If we are unable to fill the space, no refund will be offered. 
  • If the child has been outside the United Kingdom in the two weeks before attending camp, government guidance at the time must be followed and JW3 notified prior to camp starting. 

Guidelines and best practices to be updated and reviewed regularly in line with government and governing bodies. Risk assessments shall be reviewed in accordance with guidelines at the time of the activity taking place. 


The above lists represent many of the protocols that we have implemented but additional measures may be added or removed in line with government advice. These measures will be strictly adhered to and families must cooperate as we adapt. We strongly believe that these measures will keep all our children, leaders and parents safe during this pandemic, however we are unable to guarantee that all risks have been eliminated.