Part of the JW3/AH Speaker Series, Screenwriter and director Richard Curtis talked about his smash-hit films, such as ‘Notting Hill’ and ‘About Time’.

Curtis, who kicked off his illustrious screenwriting career with the classic film ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’, told a rapt audience: “All I’m trying to do is take a slice of those moments we all have – let’s say, when we’re in the pub with friends and the drinks and jokes are flowing. I take that ‘life is going well’ feeling and I slice a bit off the top for my films. I remember the good times.”

The veteran director was interviewed live on JW3 stage by one of his star actors Vanessa Kirby, who featured in About Time alongside Rachel McAdams and more recently played Princess Margaret in the award-winning Netflix series ‘The Crown’.

Together, in a humorous and friendly exchange, Curtis and Kirby interviewed each other about the film industry and their experiences across their careers, as well as their charitable endeavours.