Speaking at JW3/AH Speaker Series event, Waitzkin and Robinson discussed Chess and learning.

Speaking at JW3/AH Speaker Series event, Waitzkin told the audience that he actively seeks ‘discomfort and pain’ because it allows him to steepen his growth curve.

Josh Waitzkin, author of The Art of Learning, is an 8-time US National Chess Champion, a 2-time World Champion in Tai Chi Chuan Push Hands, and the first Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt under 9-time World Champion Marcelo Garcia. For the past ten years, Josh has been channelling his passion for the outer limits of the learning process toward training elite mental performers in business and finance, and to revolutionising the education system through his nonprofit foundation, The Art of Learning Project.

Adam Robinson is a New York Times bestselling author, a graduate of Oxford University and The Wharton School, and a Master Chess player himself.