As we all head towards Shavuot which celebrates our spiritual freedom, JW3-TV is proud to present Freedom According To...a series of four short clips, written and performed by Lisa Gornick, Sarah Sigal, Diane Samuels and Stephen Laughton, offering their perspectives on the concept of freedom.

Lisa Gornick is a filmmaker, performer and illustrator who makes micro budget feature films and live drawing shows.

Stephen Laughton's most recent play, One Jewish Boy was the Old Red Lion Theatre’s smash hit of 2018, and transferred to the West End in early 2020. He is currently Writer in Residence at The American Museum of Natural History. 

Sarah Sigal is a playwright whose work includes Agent of Influence: The Secret Life of Pamela More which she is currently adapting into a novel. 

Diane Samuel is a playwright whose work includes Kindertransport and The A-Z of Mrs P

Disclaimer: This video contains adult content and may not be suitable for those aged under 18.