We are a denomiNATION made up of Jews of all different types and stripes and this is something to be celebrated.

The Jewish people are not a monolith - we don’t all look the same or believe in the same things. Young JW3 presents an online series exploring some of the people and stories behind the denominations and communities that make up the tapestry of the UK Jewish community today.

Each week we will hear from an emerging Jewish leader and learn about their denomination and community, what matters to them and what they love about the Jewish faith.

Rabbi Akiva Rosenblatt

Rabbi Akiva Rosenblatt was born in Liverpool but moved to NW London shortly thereafter - he is still, however, an avid LFC fan! 

He studied for many years in the world’s leading Yeshivot: Sunderland, Heichal Hatorah Betzion and The Jerusalem Kollel, receiving his first rabbinic ordination aged 23. In 2018, he joined the Rabbinic Training Academy, a prestigious, UK-based, 18 month leadership programme which focuses on enhancing and developing the skills of newly qualified rabbinic couples; providing them with more insight and understanding into the challenges of managing the sensitivities of a modern Jewish community in Britain; and teaching them how to maintain their emotional and psychological wellbeing.

From 2018 until joining HWJC in 2020, he was the Assistant Rabbi at Woodside Park United Synagogue. He is also a trained chazzan and particularly enjoys singing at Jewish wedding ceremonies. During the peak of the COVID-19 crisis, he served on the Chaplaincy team of the London Nightingale Hospital.