Renowned women's rights advocate and Islam reformist Ayaan Hirsi Ali discusses gender equality, free speech, and Brexit, with Maajid Nawaz, author and Founding Chairman of Quiliam, in this AH/JW3 Speaker Series event.

Addressing a sold out audience at JW3 cultural centre in London on 23rd February 2016, renowned women’s rights advocate and Islam reformist Ayaan Hirsi Ali urged, “We need to start talking about how the fabric of modern society is threatened by extremes.” Describing Islamism as an aggressive, expansionist and misogynistic religion, she said, “In the west, we fear being politically correct and so we are closing the door to any intelligent conversation about the threat we are under.”

Also on stage was anti-extremism activist Maajid Nawaz, now cofounder of international think tank Quilliam, who told the enraptured audience: “Any notion of theocracy in the modern age cannot be good for society.”

This evening of vivid and thought-provoking conversation concluded the second season of Alan Howard / JW3 Speaker Series.